• Trade & Investment Promotion

    Broadly defined, this sector refers to a series of activities through which governments, business enterprises and organizations attract inflows of capital, goods and services from a myriad of sources.

    At Africa Quest, we engage with our proven T & I partners and together we undertake the investment promotional activity which includes, but is not limited to, making extensive contact with investors, lobbing/interacting with individual firms and organizations as we focus using a "target-oriented" approach to identifying the sectors and projects for our clients.

    Finally, in the service of our clients, they are assured to receive exemplary satisfaction along with a fair "return-on-investment" as they engage our firm.

  • Event Management

    At Africa Quest, we are poised to provide comprehensive operational leadership to our clients as they look to enjoy successful events.

    Involves studying the vast intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

    With the exponential growth of festivals and related events as an industry sector around the world, translates that management of this sector can no longer be ad hoc.

  • Organization Development & Mgmt.

    Broadly defined, Organizational Development is a systemic learning and development strategy intended to change the basics of beliefs, attitudes and relevance of values, and structure of the current organization to better absorb disruptive technologies, shrinking or exploding market opportunities and ensuing challenges and chaos.

    At Africa Quest, we fundamentally understand and embrace this field of science, focused on understanding and managing enterprise change. Together with our OD partners, we bring many years of academic and professional experience to the table in service to our clients.

  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation

    Project Monitoring defined, is the ongoing review of prevention and response interventions to determine whether the enterprise is developing according to plan and budgetary requirements and whether any adjustment may be needed so the enterprise achieves its intended goal(s).

    The axioms of the aforementioned are bundled into the overall project management discipline so the project(s) remain successful throughout the life-cycle.

    As for Project Evaluation, this axiom is an analysis of the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the enterprises' project deliverables and must provide clear and concise information via metric reports to management.

    At Africa Quest, the aforementioned axioms are bundled into the overall project management discipline so the project(s) remain successful throughout the life-cycle.

  • Capacity Building & Training

    This approach to development and training focuses on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, governments, international enterprises and non-governmental organizations (NGO) from realizing their developmental goals while enhancing their abilities that shall allow them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

    At Africa Quest, our focus is to ascertain and ferret out anomalies that can cripple the enterprise; work to glean results and present comprehensive recommendations, when implemented will eventually add much needed value to the enterprise.

  • Financial & Asset Management

    At Africa Quest, we partner with our professional network of financial/asset management firms to provide comprehensive care and feeding to our clients across the Diaspora to expand their investment portfolios as they strengthen their financials and grow their firms.

    Broadly defined, Financial and Asset Management refers to systems that monitor and maintain objects of value to an enterprise.

    In the case of Financial Management, the efficient and effective management of funds is invoked to assist in accomplishing the primary objective of the enterprise.

    As for Asset Management, it is a systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in a cost effective manner. This process applies to both tangible assets and intangible concepts such as intellectual property and goodwill.

  • Enterprise Development

    At Africa Quest, we embrace the axiom of enterprise development by providing comprehensive management and technical assistance to enterprises who are engaged in any area; be it start-up, re-engineering, mergers, acquisitions and/or expansion of their current business base.

    Within our enterprise development model, we invoke our proven systematic approach that drives aggressive and continuous success for our client base which eventually leads to sustained job creation and thus contributes to genuine community wealth building.

    We provide analysis for our client base as we assist in navigating them through the globalized fast-paced dynamic of change that affects the entire enterprise moving forward.
    We continue to develop and implement result-oriented, innovative and adaptive strategies that provide structure to support our clients vision
    As our clients come to us looking to formulate specific strategies to add value to their products or services, we stand at-the-ready to assist; from conception, through implementation and standardization.
  • Capital Acquisition


    AQ Consulting leverages its large financial network across the globe to support profitable projects on the African continent.

    Financial markets attract funds from a myriad of sources and channel them to awaiting enterprises and business firms which allow them to finance their operations and achieve their much needed growth.

    One of our primary core competencies at Africa Quest is to enjoin our clients with our colleagues in the financial markets and provide comprehensive facilitation consulting services to clients across the Diaspora to expand their business base through engagement with private equity and related investment firms to fund their asset based infrastructure projects.

  • Project Development & Management

    As our clients engage their projects there is an over-arching need to have the projects remain successful throughout the life-cycle. The discipline of Project Development and Management is a key axiom that must be embraced and implemented.

    Subsequent to our clients being awarded contracts to perform, we insist upon the inclusion of Project Management and its discipline of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling budget, cost and resource leveling be in place for maximum success of any project.