About Us


About Us AQ ConsultingOur integrated approach exploits synergies in our overall capacity to provide sustainable solutions based on high quality people, strong financial acumen, broad-base knowledge and experience.

The vision and needs of the client are the foundations of our result-oriented analysis, evaluation and implemented solutions.


What We Do

Founded in April of 2011, and based at The Hague, we advise and consult to the needs of our clients which are the foundations of the exemplary results oriented service we provide continuingly.

How We Do It

By combining our extensive experience with a disciplined, systems approach, enables us to seek out opportunities in regional and host country sectors throughout Africa. We are an engaged advisor that works closely with our client base to create value which eventually leads to sustained job creation and thus contributes genuine community wealth building.

Why Africa?

Africa along with the entire Diaspora is undergoing an exciting paradigm of growth and economic development. We believe that this paradigm is and will continue to create a strong and vibrant middle class. As a result, the provisioning of goods and services demanded by this ever growing middle class, represents compelling and robust investment opportunities for our client base.

What is the African Diaspora?

Defined, our Diaspora consists of all people of African origin/descent living outside the African continent; irrespective of their citizenship and nationality, who are willing and focused to directly or indirectly contribute to the comprehensive, holistic development and growth of the African continent now and into perpetuity.

Currently, with more than 170 million citizens encompassing the African Diaspora, we are convinced that it has become increasingly important to acknowledge them, build out and provide solid investment pathways that "Pivot-To-Africa". This investment paradigm will eventually lead to growth and sustained economic development throughout the many regions across the African Continent.

With our firm's committed engagement in providing comprehensive advisory and consulting services to the Diaspora, we are confident that our approach shall eventually lead to genuine wealth building for our clients and sustained economic development for the Diaspora.

Our Team

Our team possesses extensive experience in Banking, Finance, Government, Health Care, International Relations, Petra-Chemical and Not-For-Profit industry sectors in originating, structuring, executing and exiting projects and investments for our clients. We are staffed with professionals from several key regions in Africa. Additionally, our team members speak the business languages of Africa; Arabic, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili and other related languages.

About Us AQ Consulting